childrens dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

  • It is important to bring children to the dental practice from when they get their first deciduous (milk) teeth.
  • NHS dental care for children is free.
  • By bringing children from such a young age, they will become familiar with the dental environment and get to know the dentist and the staff.

Parents/guardians should make the visits a positive experience and here at the Earl Shilton Dental Practice, we endeavour to make their trips fun and something for them to look forward to.

Prevention is better than cure!

Your dentist will be able to discuss all aspects of care for your child from talking about their diet to advice on toothbrushing.

Understanding what causes disease in the mouth and how to prevent it will hopefully ensure that your child’s teeth and gums remain healthy.

As your child grows and develops their permanent teeth, the dentist will assess the position of the teeth in the jaw and if necessary be able to refer them to an orthodontist (who specialises in braces).

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