Private Fees Guide 

Treatment(s) Prices
Examination £28.00
New Patient Examination £65
PPE Charge Prevailing Market Rate
Consultation £65
Emergency Consultation (non-registered patients) (includes x-rays if required) from £95.00
Scale and Polish from £36.00
Scale and Polish with Hygienist from £46.00
X-rays Small £12.00 each
X-rays Large (Panoral) £35.00 each
Amalgam Fillings (silver) from £65.00
Composite Fillings (white front teeth) from £75.00
Composite Fillings (White back teeth) from £95.00
Root Canal Treatment from £350.00
Extractions from £95.00
Professional Tooth Whitening £350
Gold/Porcelain bonded to metal from £425.00
Emax (all porcelain) from £495.00
Veneers from £450.00
Adhesive (Maryland) from £550.00
Conventional from £425 per unit
Gradia Inlay/Onlay from £425.00
Partial upper or lower from £425.00 per arch
Full upper or lower from £425.00 per arch
Chrome Cobalt from £695.00 per arch

A fully itemised treatment plan will be given following your Examination.

All procedures that include laboratory work will require a 50% deposit on the commencement of the treatment.

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