Nightguards and Gumshields


Nightguards are often required when patients clench or grind their teeth. This habit can lead to significant tooth wear and tooth fractures which in turn can cause pain from the teeth as well as in the facial muscles and joints.

If you grind your teeth or have worn teeth, you may need to wear a nightguard at night. The nightguard creates a physical barrier between your upper and lower teeth to protect them from further damage.


Gumshields are advisable to both adults and children participating in contact sports, for example cricket, hockey, football, boxing and rugby. All of these sports can all cause injury to your mouth. A nightguard will help prevent broken/damaged teeth or dislocated jaws.

These are tailor made to fit over the teeth providing the best level of protection possible.  A wide range of colours enables patients to personalise their guard.

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