Referring dentists

Referring Dentists

Our promise to GDP partners

At Earl Shilton Dental Practice our implant surgeon is Mr Jose Antonio Victoria Ortega Lic. Odont.
GDC Number: 104509.

  • We realise that it may be stressful for your patients to see someone new for their implant treatment. However, you can rest assured that they will receive high-standards of care and the dedication and attention to detail they deserve.
  • We will only carry out the treatment the patient has been referred for and guarantee that no other treatment will be carried out by The Earl Shilton Dental Practice unless requested by the referring dentist.
  • Any pre-implant care required or additional restorative work will be planned and sent to the referring dentists. The referring dentist will have the option to restore the implant.

Case examples

These are examples of some cases treated by Jose.

Refer a patient


You can refer your patient to us by one of the following methods:

  1. Filling in a written referral form. Download the form here.
  2. Call us on 01455 842 941. Michelle, our implant treatment coordinator, will guide you on the steps to refer your patient.
  3. Filling in an online referral form – click here.

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